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From Evo web site Elan failed the MOT .

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From Evo web site Elan failed the MOT . Empty From Evo web site Elan failed the MOT .

Post  A7ESK on Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:11 pm

September 8, 2009 9:53 AM | Posted By: Harry Metcalfe
Now I know it's hardly a surprise to hear a 36 year old car has failed its annual MOT but bare with me here. My Elan is a pampered pet, I've owned it for 16 years now and it wants for nothing mechanically.

I look forward to the annual MOT normally, I'd liken the feeling you get from rocking up at the MOT station to being a proud parent at school sports day when your kids are winning all the silver ware. The condition of my Elan doesn't correlate to its date of manufacture so most testers are generally in awe of its overall condition, meaning the MOT has always been a breeze, until now.

This year, I got a true jobs-worth doing the test. It started to go wrong when I noticed he was fiddling with the key on the petrol cap as he was struggling to open it. Turned out he wanted to check the condition of the rubber seal, which was fine, of course. Then it was the chassis plate's turn for attention. he thought one of the numbers was a little faint so it was off to the computer to check if the car was really mine. I could see this wasn't going to go well.

He seemed determined to fail the car for some reason but just couldn't find a fault. Until, that is, he noticed the indicator tell-tale, hidden away on the speedo dial. It wasn't flashing when the indicators were operating. This discovery proved a triumph for my tester and so he promptly went off to write an MOT failure certificate for my Elan. I was gutted.

Surely the MOT is there to test if a vehicle is safe for the public highway? If he'd discovered a problem with the tyres, chassis, suspension or brakes then I wouldn't be so annoyed as I am now but failing an otherwise faultless 36 year old car car for a lack of an indicator tell-tale (it later turned out the green lens the bulb hides behind had turned opaque over time), is being pedantic to the point of stupidity in my book.

Any body else had a similar experience come MOT time?


Sound like a man on a mission at the MOT station
Eddie King.
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Midlands Area Meet Coordinator

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From Evo web site Elan failed the MOT . Empty Re: From Evo web site Elan failed the MOT .

Post  TimS on Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:58 pm

Sounds like he needs to take it to a proper Classic friendly MOT station (one who knows the Elan inside and out) - RBS in Rugby comes to mind From Evo web site Elan failed the MOT . Icon_exclaim - Tel 01788 543094.
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