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Latest Trials and Tribulations of Lotus Ownership

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Latest Trials and Tribulations of Lotus Ownership Empty Latest Trials and Tribulations of Lotus Ownership

Post  andyhodg on Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:34 pm

Hi All

I just thought I would share current state of play wrt my +2.

I recently picked it up from having some long overdue cosmetic paintwork done. I used Mick Hadley Autos in Brierley Hill. Very good job, reasonable price and there workshop was littered with Lotus cars.

I had been planning on investigating the fuel tank after picking it up as I have had a slight smell of petrol inside the car and boot for some time. However when I got into the car at Mick Hadley's the smell of Petrol was overpowering. I drove home with both windows wide open and was greeted by Maureen (the long suffering wife I love you ) saying YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PUT THAT THING IN THE GARAGE WITH THAT SMELL!

I then spent the afternoon draining and removing the fuel tank. I found that some years ago (at least 11) a previous owner had fitted over long diff mounting bolts. The base of the tank had been sitting on top of the bolt ends and the constant fretting had finally created a hole.

Courtesy of Andy Wiltshire (Axminster Panels) I am now the proud owner of a new alloy fuel tank. Just got to sort out the replacement sound deadening felt (any suggestions for the new fangled foams the modern vehicles use?), fit the tank vent system, re glue all the carpet and felt in the rear passenger footwell and all will be well again. Plus, Maureen gained 5 gallons of the finest Optimax in her Fiesta, what a waste!

All the best see some of you at the Arrow Mill.

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Latest Trials and Tribulations of Lotus Ownership Empty Re: Latest Trials and Tribulations of Lotus Ownership

Post  GrumpyBodger on Tue Mar 10, 2009 7:15 pm

Hi Andy,

when I restored my S4 Elan I also replaced the rusty old tank with an Alloy one.
In the S4 the tank sits on the boot floor.
I fitted a couple of strips of self adhesive (stiff) plastic foam tape, which is about 25mm wide & 4mm thick, to the bottom of the tank. This should prevent fretting & provide a free flow of air around the bottom of the tank.
I would personally advise something similar & avoid any form of felt etc, that would soak up any water or fuel.
Most Elan smells can be the result of felt padding absorbing any fluids that gets near to it.
e.g. the padding between the chassis backbone & the transmission tunnel usually becomes saturated with Twincam engine oil which causes the car to stink but on the other hand it's better to have oil than moisture there; which would cause rapid corrosion.

Good luck
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