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How to Check Engine Light Problems - Paperclip

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How to Check Engine Light Problems - Paperclip Empty How to Check Engine Light Problems - Paperclip

Post  Trigger on Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:43 pm

There are a couple of methods available to read the fault codes out of the ECU:

1... Using ElanScan
2... The paper-clip method

I used the paper clip method to determine why I had the engine light coming on and I can't believe they had this ALDL connector in the Elan over 12 years ago allowing the user to read the fault codes and nowadays as far as I am aware alot of modern cars don't ... or don't allow you to read the faults unless the garage does it. Take a look at how I bridged the following wires like instructed ...

The ALDL connector is located behind the glove box ...

How to Check Engine Light Problems - Paperclip DSCF1396

How to Check Engine Light Problems - Paperclip DSCF1397

I will go through how to connect and run Elanscan soon also.

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